Monday, February 22, 2010

Are We Adults or What?

Warning: post is going to contain nothing but bitching.

Here at this wonderful place I work, we have badges that we are supposed to wear at all times. These badges are also supposed to be used to clock in and out. Of course, there are people who NEVER wear theirs and people who NEVER clock in and out with them. That's just a given, right? Well, now, they have decided to crack down on tardiness all of a sudden. So, now, we have departments buying time clocks to use, in addition to badging in and out at the door. My department is now forced to use a sign in sheet, in addition to badging in and out. REALLY?!?! Is it not enough that we badge in and out at the door? Just crack down on those who aren't wearing their badges and those who aren't clocking in and out with them. Are we all adults that know what we are doing and get our work done or are we children?! This is ridiculous!!!

Next thing you know, I'll have to sign in and out to take a bathroom break or sign in and out to leave my office at all. I'm not an elementary kid that needs to have my hand held or something. And this is not boot camp!!!