Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random Tuesday


Random Tuesdays are the best . . . I can talk about whatever I want to and it doesn't matter if it makes sense or not.

I'm trying to get back in the dating world and it really sucks, believe me. Anyway, I was talking to Mel and Ang the other day and a question came up. So, I'll just ask everyone what they think. Do you think having sex is like riding a bike . . . once you learn how, you never forget? I'm a little worried because if not, then I might be in big trouble.

I've got another question for you too. Would you date a guy that is shorter than you?

Tomorrow is Veterans Day, so I'm off work. Yay!!! But, since I'm off, my crazy sister wants me to dye her hair for her and I think it includes highlights. REALLY?! I've never claimed to be a beautician, so I told her if I mess it up, she CANNOT be mad. She said it's a deal, so we'll see how it works out.

My awesome nephew is going to be a year old next month. It's unbelievable. Even more unbelievable though is that my son will be 15 next month. Where has the time gone?

I really, really hate the time change. I hate that it gets dark soooooooo early now. It feels like it's bedtime when it's only 7:00, lol.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random Thoughts


Random Tuesday Thoughts, Yay!!!! So far, this is the best thing about my day.

I woke up this morning with a cold and on top of that my sinuses were bothering me, which made ALL of my teeth hurt. It really sucks!

I had a dentist appointment first thing this morning, which really didn't improve things. I found out my cute dentist is married . . . wtf is up with that?!

I take a friend's little boy to and from daycare everyday. Since I had to go to the dentist first thing, his dad took him to work with him and I went to pick him up after my appointment. When I was leaving, I seriously backed into a dumpster in their parking lot (if you can even call it a parking lot). REALLY?!

All of that before 9:00 this morning!!!!!! I should have just stayed in bed, because I'm pretty sure it's not going to get any better for me today.

My back is still bothering me from helping my sister move this weekend. I sure hope she appreciates it.

Oh, it's still raining here too, which really doesn't improve my mood any. I'm soooooooo sick of the rain. I just want some nice weather and lots of sunshine!

I'm pretty sure I should have called this post "Bitchy Tuesday Thoughts".

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Move

I spent the whole weekend helping Brandy and Chris move from Crazy Nana's into their own house. Let me just say, in case any of you have forgotten, moving SUCKS!!!! I am so sore now and I think it's going to take me a month to recover. Leave it to me to fall while trying to move the loveseat, lol; however, I must point out that I didn't even drop my end of the loveseat when I fell. Now, you would think my brother-in-law would appreciate that fact, but no, all he wanted to do was laugh his ass off!

On the plus side, we got everything moved into the house and actually got some of it unpacked. Grayson spent the whole weekend exploring his new house and loving the fact that he didn't have Crazy Nana's dogs to deal with. I'm so glad they are actually back into a house of their own again. They are even more excited than I am, lol, especially Chris.

It's probably a very good thing they didn't have to live with Crazy Nana much longer, because I was starting to wonder if Chris was actually going to smother her in her sleep. Then again, if he had, I don't think there's a jury in the world that would have found him guilty.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random Thoughts


I just watched this week's episode of CSI: Miami and it totally ticked me off!!!

New Moon will be here in like 31 days! I can't wait. The girlies are all going together, but we are totally making Angela sit across the theater from us because she is such a traitor. She is totally into Jacob; now, don't get me wrong, he's definitely got a hot body (even if he is still underage, lol), but there is just NO excuse for kicking Edward to the curb.

I'm taking off work Friday to help my sis and brother-in-law move. On the one hand, I'm saying "Yay, it's about flippin time they get out of Crazy Nana's house!" On the other hand, I'm saying "Ugh" because I have to help Chris with all the big, heavy things; my sis is such a weiner.

Work just sucks more and more nowadays. Too many lazy, crybaby ass people there.

If you ever meet my friend Ashleigh and she tells you how much she LOVES New Kids on the Block, you better believe it. We went out Saturday night, and she totally had to show Me and Angela her NKOTB "Full Service" panties she was wearing. It was hilarious!! Of course, we were pretty well drunk by the time she showed us, LMAO.

Tyler has Band Regionals tomorrow in McAlester; I hope they do well.

Everyone has had so many fundraisers going on, including us, that I'm definitely fundraiser poor now, lol.

I so don't want to go to work tomorrow. Did I mention that it sucks?!

I don't know how many of you have seen the trailer for the movie "Precious" that is coming out next month, but it is based on a book called "Push" and you must read it. It's a little hard to read at first because it's written from the perspective of an illiterate 16 year old, but it is such an awesome book.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Fun

As I mentioned in a previous post, Melany's hubby decided he wanted to start boxing again, so Saturday, October 3 (yes, I realize I am way behind w/my posting) there was a boxing event that included approximately 18 amateur fights and one pro fight (her hubby and a fellow about 12 years younger than him). The weight divisions ranged anywhere from 75 pounds to super heavy weight. It was a lot of fun watching all the different matches. But the real excitement started when B.J. "Creek Warrior" Waggnor walked into the ring. During his prime, he fought in over 600 matches and only lost 19 of them. I was especially excited as this was my first time getting to see him fight; he had already retired by the time I met him and Mel. Unfortunately, it might be the last time I get to see it as well; he broke his hand in the 2nd round, but you wouldn't have known it, because it never slowed him down. The fight lasts 4 rounds; he finished it with two injuries (his left elbow was already hurt because he hyperextended it the week before) and was awesome. Since the pro fight was an exhibition fight, there wasn't an actual winner announced, but it was obvious that B.J. won. It was awesome!

After the fights, we went to the bar; B.J., Mel, me, Ang, Ashleigh, Sandy, and Paula. We had a blast! Keep in mind that Mel and I don't drink very often at all, so we were all quite a sight, lol. During the night, we had a scary looking Mexican cholo try to pick up Ashleigh and Angela. Thank goodness, they weren't drunk enough for that. I also asked Sandy if she was ever a stripper because she definitely had some moves going on out on the dance floor; but, no, apparently her sister is the only stripper in that family. By the end of the night, all of us girls were pretty much drunk. Angela was basically just tipsy, because she drinks more often than we do, so she can hold her liquor better, lol. I do have to say B.J. is the man; he alone, stone cold sober, had to deal with six drunk women. I'm not sure just any man could've handled all of us, lol.

Sunday, of course, I felt like crap since I'm not used to that and I only got about four hours of sleep, but I had to suck it up because Tyler and I had to get up and go to Tulsa. We met my sis, Chris, and Grayson and went to the Disney on Ice show. It was so cute and G liked the lights and parts of the show really well. After that, we ate lunch and then Tyler and I took G around and looked at some of the fair exhibits, while Brandy went back to work and Chris went to a group meeting. When Chris got back, Tyler and I headed home so that I could get some sleep, which I badly needed.

Chad Johnson & B.J. "Creek Warrior" Waggnor (you can't see it very well in this pic, but Johnson's left eye is jacked up; that's how B.J. broke his right hand)

Mel, me & Ang before the fight

After the fight


Thursday, October 1, 2009

What A Day!

I know I'm a little behind, but I just had to post about the day Melany and I had Saturday. Her hubby used to box and for some reason he thinks he needs to make a comeback, so he has his first match this Saturday. However, if you ask me, I don't think a 37 year old man should willingly get in the ring and let someone punch on him. But since he is, we decided last weekend that we needed to go get our nails and toes did and go shopping.

We started our day off by doing our nails and getting pedicures and let me tell you, that was THE BEST pedicure I have ever had. AWESOME! After that, we met my sister and her family for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. First time there for me and Mel and it was pretty good.

So far, we have been having a good day, right? Well, nothing good ever lasts . . . when we left the restaurant, we realized we had a flat tire. So, my brother-in-law says "let's go get some fix a flat." Okay, sounds like a plan. While going to get the fix a flat, we decided to go by and look at the house they'll be moving into in a few weeks as well, which is pretty awesome. Any house is better than living with the Crazy Nana. When we got back to the car, Chris was trying to put the fix a flat in the tire and after a couple of tries, he realized the valve stem was broke. REALLY?! It's not enough to have a flat tire, but the flippin' valve stem has to be broke too. So, poor Chris had to put the donut tire on for us. I don't know about ya'll, but I hate those things. First of all, you look goofy driving down the road with one of them on AND you have to drive like a turtle.

After that was all done, we decided to go ahead and do our shopping. We ended up in Maurice's, where they have some of the CUTEST stuff. After Mel trying on three different shirts and SEVERAL pairs of jeans, we decided on an outfit. Then we had to decide on jewelry. The girly working the counter is talking to us as we are picking out jewelry. She said things like "do you guys have a punch card?" and "you guys will get two 20% off coupons." Everything was "you guys" and at first I didn't really think anything, but the more she said it, the lightbulb finally went on above my head, like in the cartoons. As we turned from the register to walk away, I looked at Melany and said "she totally thinks we're lesbians!" and we cracked up. We laughed all the way home about that. Of course, it didn't have anything at all to do with the fact that I was picking out her clothes and telling her what she could and couldn't wear, right?

So, our day went from good to bad and ended up being HILARIOUS!!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Random Tuesday


So, it's Random Tuesday and this is my first post in quite a while . . . I'm a slacker, I suppose.

This has been quite a week and it's only Tuesday. It started off with the headache from HELL, which I have had since Sunday and STILL have. Ugh, headaches suck!

We got to work yesterday and found out that our manager was in the hospital because they thought he might have had a heart attack . . . not cool. He is 76 years old, but still . . . not what you want or expect to hear. He seems to be in really good health and very fit, but something is wrong. He is at home now, but apparently the tests didn't show anything, so we are just kind of waiting and wondering. Again, not cool.

Today is the 2nd anniversary of my significant other's death. I thought I would be really sad, but surprisingly enough I am feeling okay right now. I do miss him every day, but more than that I am sad for my son. He won't have his Dad there when he gets his driver's license, when he graduates, when he gets married, when he has his first child . . . all of the things he should have him there for. Hopefully, I can continue to be the best mom I can be and help to make up for some of that.

I think maybe this post should be called Depressing Tuesday Thoughts.

On to happier thoughts . . .

Saturday, Tyler and I hung out together. We went to see Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian and it was funny; we liked it just as much as the first one. After that, I let him decide where we would eat dinner and he picked Taco Bueno of all things. Don't get me wrong, I love Taco Bueno, but the choices included IHOP, Chili's, and several others, but as I said, we ended up at Taco Bueno. After that, we decided to go by the Crazy Nana's and visit Brandy and the family. Oh my, was Grayson ever cranky. In his defense, we did wake him up from his nap. On the plus side, Nana went to the casino, so we didn't have to deal with her.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Well, I'm already pissed off this morning and it's only 8:25. I was trying to make a measly 15 copies of something and the damn copier kept giving me problems. On top of that, I'm tired as hell. I can't wait for Friday to get here - no work, woo hoo!!!!

Yesterday, I learned that my friend's 14 year old son has already had sex . . . twice. Tyler is 14 and I don't even want to think about the first time he has sex. I'm not even sure how a parent is supposed to deal with that. Hopefully, it will be a LONG time before I have to.

People just kill me. Our new employees have to take a physical and when it's time, they get a letter with their appointment date. Included w/this letter is the physical form that they and the doctor have to fill out. You would not believe how many come to my office saying they've lost the damn form. REALLY?! Do they think I mail it out for the hell of it?

I'm pretty sure today is going to be a very long day for me.

The air conditioning in my office isn't working very well at all, so to keep me from calling and complaining about how hot I am everyday, our HVAC guy brought this huge ass fan to me. So, everyday around noon, I roll it into the hall and turn it on so that it will blow some of the cool air from the hallway into my office. It sounds like airplanes are zooming around in our hallway, lol. It's huge and it's EXTREMELY loud, but it gets the job done, thank goodness. However, I will be glad when they figure out what's going on with the AC.

My nephew Grayson was cranky over the weekend; more so than usual, according to my sister. She took him to the doctor yesterday and poor baby has the beginnings of an ear infection, so they gave him some antibiotics. Hopefully, he feels better pretty soon.

I'm going to try to get in a better mood for the rest of the day, so wish me luck.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random Tuesday


This is the first thing I've posted in quite a while.

This weekend was our Muscogee (Creek) Nation Festival and I volunteered, so it was a very LONG weekend. I'm still tired from it.

Yesterday was Meme's (Melany's Grandma) funeral, so it was a sad day and it took a lot out of me. It's the first funeral I've attended since Roy's (my significant other), which was almost 2 years ago. It was not an easy thing.

It's super HOT in my office . . . they keep saying the air conditioner is on and it's working, but I don't believe them. On the plus side, if I sweat enough, maybe I'll lose a few pounds.

I cannot believe how big my awesome nephew Grayson is getting. He's growing so fast. And he's SOOOOOOOOOOO cute.

I'm ready for lunch. When I leave for lunch, I'd like to just keep driving and go back home. Unfortunately, I can't because I have work to do . . . mine and Melany's. Ugh.

Work pretty much sucks.

Did I mention that I'm TIRED?

I love Random Tuesday's because I can be as coherent or incoherent as I want.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Whatever damn bug my sister had yesterday, she passed it to me. I've been sick all morning and fyi, throwing up at work is NOT a fun experience at all.

My sister finally realized just how CRAZY our Dad and Nana really is this weekend, while helping to clean out my Nana's garage. She never throws away anything, because she might be able to use it some day; once my sister convinced her to get rid of something, my Dad would go behind them and decide he needed to take it home with him. REALLY? As I said, CRAZY! But then again I've known this all along.

I'm hungry, but just the thought of eating anything makes me nauseous.

I'm really glad this is a short week; holidays rock!

Meme is in the hospital, so I'm praying for her. She's actually Melany's Meme, but she means the world to me and Angela, so she's our Meme too. I'm hoping she gets better soon.

Oh, my, I feel like I might need to throw up again. UGH!

Being sick SUCKS!

Grayson is growing so much and he's just SO cute. I spent the day with him Sunday, while my sister and her hubby were at Nana's, doing the garage thing. He's not so cute when he gets sleepy, cause man oh man, he is CRANKY. I told him he couldn't be too cranky because I'd lay him in his bed and let him cry for a bit, lol; my sister said I wasn't watching him anymore . . . whatever, she doesn't know what she's talking about.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Not So Wordless Wednesday

I was going to try my hand at the whole "Wordless Wednesday" thing; post some pictures and don't write anything. How hard could that be? Well, it's pretty hard to do when you don't have the pics you want to post, lol.

My plan was to post some pics of Tyler's 8th grade graduation last night. However, the batteries were dead in my camera and my sister totally forgot to bring hers, so I had to rely on the kindness of others to take pics for me. So, now I'll have to wait until they send them to me.

Other than that, everything went okay. He did a good job; he didn't trip or fall down the stairs or anything, thank goodness. And I'm SO PROUD of him. He is in the top 10 of his class, so he got an extra award for that. My baby is definitely growing up on me and that makes me soooooo sad. But everyone should be very proud of me because I did NOT cry last night.

Edited to add some pics, because my sister did manage to take a couple w/her iPhone.

Tyler & Grayson

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random, Random, Random


I still have a gay looking tattoo on the back of my leg

I'm eating a bear claw from the new donut shop and it is YUMMY

Tonight is Tyler's 8th Grade Graduation and it makes me SAD

This week has been bright and sunny so far; no rain, yay!

Oh, did I mention that my bear claw is actually shaped like a paw with 4 fingers/toes/claws; it's just too cute for words

My crazy sister and her family are still moving in with the CRAZY Nana

I spent too much money during my girly day on Saturday

My Blackberry keeps pissing me off; it says I have unread text messages when I don't

I haven't braved my high heels yet; I'm a little scared

It is way too nice outside to be stuck in my office all day

I think my house has been invaded by ants and I can't seem to get rid of them

Ginny just told me she likes my tattoo, which makes me feel a little better about it; however, she could just be saying that

I still cannot believe that Tyler is going to be in High School; that means I'm getting old, lol

Melany's boys are having their first High School football scrimmage tomorrow; that kind of freaks me out, because while Nathan is decent sized, TaKoma is a skinny lil feller

Monday, May 18, 2009

Girly Day

Melany, Angela and I started our girly day on Saturday at about 9:30 (which was about 1 1/2 hrs. later than originally planned, lol). Brandy and Jodi weren't able to make this one, so we were on our own. We started out looking, and I do mean looking, for yard sales. That was way easier said than done. I'm guessing the wind and cool air put some people off as they thought that might be followed up by rain. Thankfully, we ended up finding a few and did get some good deals.

We did meet up with Brandy for our belated Mother's Day lunch, though. Oh, and did I mention she brought along Chris, Grayson, and my son Tyler? It was all good though . . . good food and good company. The waiter seemed a little strange and I'm pretty sure he touched Melany's ponytail. I don't know if it was because he was diggin' on her or because he was jealous that her ponytail looked way better than his, but nonetheless . . . WEIRD.

After lunch, we went shopping (and a lot of window shopping) at a fairly new shopping center we hadn't entirely checked out before. I ended up buying a few things, which included a really cute pair of black high heels. Now, for anyone who knows me, they know I don't wear high heels. Me and high heels is like oil and water, they just don't mix. I fall down in sneakers, for goodness sake! But, I'm going to get brave and give them a try . . . and if it doesn't work out, they only cost me $12, so no big deal. If I don't end up with a broken bone or two that is.

The last stop of the day was a tattoo shop . . . because for some idiotic reason we decided to get matching tattoos. I was all for it, so we called to see how busy they were. Reality set in when they said they weren't and that we should come on. I couldn't help myself, my hands balled up into fists up by my face and I made some noise that Mel would describe as "eeeeeeeeeeeeeee" in a kind of high pitched voice. Maybe that should have stopped me right there. Unfortunately, it didn't. Now, as much as I wish I could blame it on being drunk, that's just not the case. Three grown women, stone cold sober, deciding to get matching tattoos . . . what in the world were we thinking! You should keep in mind that Mel and Angela have already gotten a few tattoos over the years. And let me just say, I have made it to the age of 37 without marking my body with anything like that and here's what we ended up with:

Me MelanyAngela

So, go ahead and say it . . . that is SOME tattoo, right?! Believe me, we know. When it was drawn out on paper, it looked a lot better. And, when the tattoo guy suggested our smoke or dust, whatever he was calling it, match the color for our star (me - pink, mel - blue, and ang - purple), even that seemed like a good idea. If you ask me, the smoke/dust doesn't really look like smoke/dust. I'm not sure what it looks like, I just know it doesn't make me think of smoke or dust. Melany's husband felt it necessary to let us know it looks like we have the Care Bear symbol on our legs; he's such a funny guy, isn't he? In hindsight, this really doesn't seem like such a good idea after all. On a positive note, however, we're all in it together and it's not just my leg that has some gay looking tattoo on it, lol.

Heels and tattoos . . . what is happening to me?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


  • It's raining again - is it ever going to stop? I'm sick of the rain and my yard needs to be mowed REALLY bad.
  • Work meetings suck.
  • Work mergers suck.
  • Work just pretty much sucks.
  • I REALLY want some ice cream.
  • I REALLY want people to stop bothering me.
  • I REALLY don't like these bullets very much.
  • Did I mention that Oklahoma weather sucks?
  • We have a girly day planned for Saturday; we're going to yard sales (if it's not still raining), we're going to shop (probably more window shopping than actual buying), and we're going to eat for our Mother's Day lunch or dinner (and yes, I do realize Mother's Day is already over). I'm pretty excited about it, except for the getting up early, cause everyone knows if you're going to yard sales, you have to start early. Ugh!
  • I don't know why my friend finds it necessary to try to hide things from me; if she wants to get another job, more power to her.
  • My sister and her family are moving in with my CRAZY Nana to try to save up some money and actually buy a house. Since this is the plan they came up with, I think they are just as crazy as she is.
  • Tyler has his 8th grade graduation (or promotion, not sure what they are calling it nowadays) next week. I just CANNOT believe that he will be in High School next year!
  • This was my first Random Tuesday Thoughts post, so I hope I did an okay job of it.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Save a Life . . . Give Blood

We had a blood drive today at work and I, of course, always try to help out by donating. It doesn't always work out well for me, because there have been times I haven't been able to give because of one thing or another, low iron maybe or like today, my pulse was too high. And when I am able to give, it usually takes a couple of tries in each arm before they can actually find my good ol' vein. So, giving blood isn't always a fun experience for me. Today, turned out to be a different kind of experience all together.

Melany, Jodi, and I went to donate and like I said I wasn't able to. However, Melany and Jodi both were good to go. Melany was a little nervous because this was the first time she's actually been able to donate and Jodi was a little worried because the last time she tried to donate, which was several years ago, she almost passed out while they were taking the blood. Well, Mel came through with flying colors; Jodi, on the other hand, is a whole different story.

She actually made her donation, while snacking and drinking her gatorade, and said she was feeling fine. The guy helped her off the table and she went over to sit down for a few minutes. Mel and I were standing there talking to her and telling her how if she was okay, we needed to leave for lunch. And Jodi's still saying she feels fine. Then she says something about passing out and Mel's saying something to the effect of "oh, she's going, she's going, grab her" and I, of course, am looking off at the other side of the room and saying "huh?" because I'm thinking who's going and where are they going. Believe me, it's a good thing today was Friday, because all of my brain cells definitely were NOT firing. Well, as I turn around, Jodi is falling back on the chairs and sliding off them onto the floor. I only managed to grab her arm right as she hit the floor. Of course, the OBI people come running to take care of her. They do the smelling salts and they give her some more gatorade and finally she comes around enough to wonder what happened and why everyone is standing around staring at her.

I have to admit I am a horrible friend because at this point, I start laughing and all I can get out is how this is something Jodi can blog about and even if she doesn't, I'm certainly going to. So, of course, Mel starts laughing too. Then everyone is getting into it, about how we should've videoed it and put it on youtube . . . while Jodi is still laid out on the floor. So, Mel decides to take a picture, which made me laugh even harder. Then she took a couple more. Unfortunately, I won't be able to share those pics w/you all because Jodi would probably cry and as mean as I am, I don't want to embarrass her anymore than she already is, lol. And, after all that, she said she might try again the next time. All I can say is if it happens again, that's it for her . . . no more donating!

This was definitely one blood donation experience I will NEVER forget!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm An Esme . . . REALLY?!

I LOVE the Twilight series!! The movie was good (not as good as the book, but hey, they usually aren't) and I can't wait to see New Moon. I know I'm a little old to be into this, but I love everything Twilight. And I'm not the only one . . . my sister and my three bff's are into it too. Angela, Jodi, and I even went to Wal-Mart and waited for about 2 1/2 hours for the DVD release of Twilight at midnight. Melany and Brandy basically said "screw that" because they were going to be sleeping at that time of night. Unfortunately, for us, we could have gotten there at like 11:45 that night and still bought our movie. Probably even the next day, really. There just weren't as many people waiting at that Wal-Mart as we thought there would be. Yes, I know, we are CRAZY, but it's okay because we are crazy together.

So, I took this quiz to see what female character I am from the movie Twilight; it said "I'm an Esme" and here's the description it gave:

"You are thoughtful and care very deeply for your family. A loving home is of great
importance to you and you always try to make people feel welcome. Although you have a great capacity to love, you also have a great capacity to hurt, so at times you can be
sensitive. You're firm when you need to be, but people trust your judgment and
appreciate the kind way you always handle things."

For those of you familiar with the Twilight books and/or movie, you know that Esme is a quiet, reserved, and very sweet type of person. Um, yeah, I don't think anyone that knows me would agree that I am quiet or reserved. I can be sweet when I want to be, but that's definitely not the norm for me. Most of the time, I tend to just say what's on my mind and that is definitely not an Esme trait. However, my bff Melany says she thinks the description fits me pretty well, except for the part about "the kind way you handle things", lol. She's right about that last part, at least.

Apparently, it said my sister is a Bella, but I'm going to have to go with Edward, lol. Check out her blog and you'll see why.

Anyway, you can go here to see what Twilight female character you are.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Life's A Bitch . . .

And then there are those you work with. I'm just going to put it out there . . . I HATE working with an office full of women. You have those who come in and try to take over everything and/or change everything. You have those who think the thing to do is run to the boss and tattle about EVERYTHING. You have those who think their main objective in life is to be up in everyone else's business.

Apparently, seniority means nothing in our office anymore, either. Anything they say goes, it doesn't matter what the rest of us say. And the boss believes everything they say, no questions asked. What's wrong with that picture?

REALLY?! I don't get it. I worked with all men for nearly 12 years in an oilfield service. The worst thing about them was their dirty jokes and believe me, growing up in that environment and then working in it, that doesn't even bother you. There are no petty jealousies, no backstabbing, no bitchiness (well, not much anyway). Working with women is entirely different. Some days, they are worse than children. Anyone who's been there, knows it's true.

To be fair, there are two men in my office (although one is the boss), but they are far outnumbered by the six women. And it only takes one or two to cause tons of tension in the office. To them, the nicest thing I can say right now is "MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS!!!!!"

Monday, April 13, 2009

Brace Face

I've spent my fair share of time in the dentist office during my life; actually, probably more than my fair share, truth be told. I've had fillings, I've had a root canal, I've had crowns and braces. Now, I'm having more crowns done and last week, I once again joined the ranks of all those so sweetly referred to as "brace face" or "metal mouth", although mine are actually the clear ceramic ones this time around.

My son, against his most strenuous objections, joined these ranks a few months ago and I, as his loving mother, kept telling him how great it would be eventually and how he would appreciate it later on in life. I also informed him of how he should learn from my mistakes because it's my own fault that I'm having to wear braces again. Because of the fact that I didn't wear my retainers regularly, my teeth have shifted and I have a few gaps opening up. When he was complaining about the pain, I just kept telling him not to worry, it would stop and "it's not so bad is it?"

Well, as I said I got the braces put on again last week and all I can say is what the hell was I thinking letting them put those things on my teeth again!! My teeth aren't hurting, but the inside of my mouth looks like raw hamburger meat or something because it's so torn up. And it's flippin painful!!

Of course, I would never tell my son all that because hey, it's not so bad after all, right?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Can You Hear Me?

So, I've had a sinus infection for the last couple of weeks, which has meant nonstop nose blowing. I finally went to the doctor and got some meds for it and I'm finally feeling better. During the worst of it, though, I actually thought I might have busted my eardrum. Here's the thing: I'm blowing my nose, I hear this extremely loud pop in my ear, I have a horrible pain in it and I get so dizzy and lightheaded that I think I'm going to literally pass out. Well, I call out for Tyler because of this and he FINALLY makes his way to me. I'm telling him why I yelled for him (now, remember, he's 14) and he gets down by my ear and says in this deep, serious, kind of loud voice, "CAN YOU HEAR ME?" Let me tell you, I haven't stopped laughing yet.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Life

Most of my days and nights are spent at work and then at home, while most of my weekends are spent at my sister's house so that I can spend time with my nephew Grayson. He's an awesome little guy and we've been waiting a long time for him. My son, Tyler, is 14 and I was a little unsure about how he would adapt to having a baby around taking all the attention away from him since he's been spoiled by my sister (and, yes, I admit, me too) all of his life. But he's been great and thinks that Grayson is just the best thing ever . . . whew, what a relief.

I also spend some of my time having a "girly day" with the girls. No matter what we are doing (or not doing, for that matter), we have an awesome time when we get together. We are all grown women with families, but when we get together it's like we've reverted back to our teenage years. There are tons of giggles and silliness, just the whole works! What a blast!

Speaking of the girls, I already know that my bff Melany is going to think I've totally lost my mind tomorrow when she finds out I've started a blog. And, I must confess, I'm wondering that a little myself right now.

Thoughts on Blogging

Bloggers have always seemed a little crazy to me, but thanks to my sister, here I am trying my hand at it. She's a pretty avid blogger now and is determined to make everyone else one as well. I'm not sure I have enough excitement in my life to maintain a blog, but we'll see.