Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random Tuesday


One more day till I get to see Eclipse, can't wait!!! A group of us are going to the 7:00 show tomorrow night . . . I'm so excited, lol. We'll be the sexy ones rolling up in the minivan.

We had an awesome MCN Festival this weekend, but unfortunately my stupidity landed me in the ER yesterday. I spent Friday from 5 till 11:30 p.m. and all day Saturday on a golf cart and didn't wear sunscreen. So, I ended up with a left leg that was so swollen and hurting so bad I could barely walk on it. Turns out I have 1st, maybe 2nd, degree burns on it. It's feeling much better today, thanks to the awesomeness of drugs! I have a steroid cream, Lortab, and Flexeril to make me feel better. Just remember . . . sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!!!!

Oh, and thanks to the drugs, I'm having issues staying awake, lol.

But I do have an awesome son who has helped me out so much. He has helped me get around and he has rubbed aloe and the steroid cream on my leg for me. He did feel the need to tell me that the sun not only fried my leg, but also fried my brain as well. Teenagers, gotta love 'em.

Speaking of my awesome son, he passed his test and got his Learner's Permit yesterday. It's a double-edged sword . . . I'm happy that he can drive me around now, but it also makes me a nervous wreck when he does.

My super awesome nephew G was going for a check up on his ears today. Hope all is well.

I seem to think everyone is awesome . . . it might be the drugs talking.

Did I mention that I'm having problems staying awake? I think I might need to take a nap. While I do that, grab the button and post your own Random Tuesday Thoughts.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random Tuesday


I love Random Tuesday, but I haven't done one in quite a while. Actually, I haven't blogged about anything in quite a while. I'm such a slacker.

I started Weight Watchers a couple of weeks ago and I've lost 5.2 lbs so far, yay me!!! My son worries about something happening to me, so that's the best motivation by far.

I have a GQ magazine on my desk and it is calling my name. It's the new issue that features Taylor Lautner! For those of you who don't know, he's Jacob in the Twilight series. And if you don't know, all I can say is WTF?!

Speaking of Jacob, it's only 8 more days till Eclipse, woot woot!!!!! But the bastards are gonna make us wait a year and a half for the first part of Breaking Dawn . . . wtf is up with that?

Tyler has been doing Drivers Ed this month; tomorrow is his last day. He actually got up to 45 mph on the highway yesterday. I'm so proud.

I've watched three movies in the last three weeks: Alice in Wonderland, Shrek Forever After (in 3D of course) and Death at a Funeral. All good movies. If you haven't seen Death at a Funeral, you definitely need to. It's hilarious! Be warned, though, one of the scenes caused Ash and I to gag. Other than that, awesome, lol.

This weekend is the Creek Nation Festival. I'm going to spend my Friday night and part of Saturday driving around in a golf cart. Consider yourself warned.

Grab the button and do your own Random post.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm A Rockstar

Brandy is running a Photoshop Fantasy Contest. Check it out and come up with your best to try to win the $50. Here's mine:

Here I am back in the 80's, hanging with my band, Motley Crue. We were about to go on stage and rock some bitches' worlds. During my time with the Crue, I hooked up with Tommy all the time, of course (obviously, this was BEFORE the Hep C). As you can see from the pic, I tried to act like I wasn't into him, but we couldn't help but touch each other. You can also see that this was before I grew boobs. What was up with my hair?!

Eventually, I had to leave Tommy and the Crue. I just couldn't take it when he was sleeping around with bitches like Heather Locklear and Pam Anderson (was she even in the picture then?)

Anyway, I moved onto Nirvana. It was a nice change of pace and I loved Kurt's beautiful eyes. However, he was a troubled soul and made the world a sadder place, when he took his own life.

Even though I still didn't have any boobs, I had tamed my hair down some. That's what's known as a mullet and you know what that says about a person: business in the front, party in the back.
After Kurt left us, my troubled heart took me to Metallica, where I could REALLY rock out. Here we are, after an awesome tour week. "F***in A, we rock!" Or, maybe we had just made a music video. After so many years of drugs and alcohol, everything starts to become a blur in your mind. Apparently, I was still having hair and boob issues.

Much as I loved hangin' with Metallica, I had to move on, again. I just couldn't stay anywhere for very long.
Here I am, going on tour with Alice Cooper. Still no boobs, but cool tats and awesome blue streaks in my hair.

Being felt up by man, Marilyn Manson. It really is amazing what you'll do or let someone do, when your brain is so fried. But the best thing of all, I finally have BOOBS!!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Single Life

Ash, Ang, and I decided to have an evening out yesterday. We got pedicures and manicures, which were AWESOME!!! I would get a pedicure every two weeks, if I could afford it, lol. If you've never had one, you don't know what you're missing!

We ate at Chili's after that, where we had eye candy the entire meal. Very similar to Chris Daughtry. Quite nice!!

When we left there, we drove around for a bit trying to figure out what we wanted to do. Went to see what was on the movies, went by Dave & Buster's, and finally ended up at the Caravan, where we only drank one beer and left. Just weren't feeling the bar scene last night, I guess. We then went to the casino for about two hours. I ended up getting home at 4 a.m. this morning.

We are all single and that's the best we can come up with for a night out. We did have fun, though, so I guess in the end that's all that matters. Maybe next time we just need a better plan BEFORE we hit the road, lol.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

What's the Cure?

I turned 38 yesterday and I think I'm going thru a midlife crisis or something. I've been a little crazier than usual, lately. And, just so you know, I'm already crazy, so being even crazier is NOT a good thing.

I have not been acting like myself, at all. Maybe I need to go back to the doctor and get new meds. Maybe I need a new job. Maybe I need to move. Maybe, maybe, maybe . . . .

My sister knows I've been a little nutty recently, and my bff's know I've been a little nutty; but neither of them know just how nutty! And they are not going to find out on here, lol.

Anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone knows what the cure is for this or if there even IS a cure. Any suggestions? Believe me, at this point, I'll listen to just about anything, lol.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Are We Adults or What?

Warning: post is going to contain nothing but bitching.

Here at this wonderful place I work, we have badges that we are supposed to wear at all times. These badges are also supposed to be used to clock in and out. Of course, there are people who NEVER wear theirs and people who NEVER clock in and out with them. That's just a given, right? Well, now, they have decided to crack down on tardiness all of a sudden. So, now, we have departments buying time clocks to use, in addition to badging in and out at the door. My department is now forced to use a sign in sheet, in addition to badging in and out. REALLY?!?! Is it not enough that we badge in and out at the door? Just crack down on those who aren't wearing their badges and those who aren't clocking in and out with them. Are we all adults that know what we are doing and get our work done or are we children?! This is ridiculous!!!

Next thing you know, I'll have to sign in and out to take a bathroom break or sign in and out to leave my office at all. I'm not an elementary kid that needs to have my hand held or something. And this is not boot camp!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Really Random Tuesday


It has been forever since I posted anything at all to my blog, so I thought I should at least do something for Random Tuesday. What's bad is that I always have something happen that makes me or one of my BFF's say "Omg, this is something to blog about", but then I never blog about it. I'll try to be better.

I think I hate my job. I just can't get into work mode anymore lately. I sit here and think about all the things I need to do or should do, but then I don't do them. How horrible is that?

Me, Mel, Ang, and Ashleigh decided to start eating lunch in most days because we are all broke after Christmas. I'm sure you all know how that is. Anyway, we started off having sandwiches, which really sucks after a day or two. Now, we've progressed to taking turns bringing real food each day and maybe eating out one day a week. Yesterday, we had some soup/goulash stuff that Mel's hubby made. When I describe it that way, it doesn't really sound very appetizing, but believe me, it was DELISH! Today, Ang brought beans and cornbread . . . I can't wait!

Here lately if I didn't have bad luck, I wouldn't have any at all. I've been stuck in my driveway twice in the last week. So, I had to pay the garage $57.85 to take my tire off and clean all the mud out of it, the rotor, and the brake assembly because my car was shaking like a mad man going down the highway. Really, $57.85 . . . ugh. My washing machine jacked up a few weeks ago and I still don't know what's wrong with it. It just wants to fill up with water even though it's not turned on or anything . . . kinda spooky, now that I think about it.

Okay, I think I've officially whined and complained enough . . . here's a funny to lighten up the mood. My son (now, remember he's 15) had some fruit roll up things called fruit by the foot or something like that. He ate one and was playing with the paper it was rolled up with and said this says "fruit by the foot, 3 feet of fun" and I was just like "oh, yeah?" and he said "yeah, 3 feet, but I don't know if it's really 3 feet or not". I said "I don't know, measure it or something". Of course, he didn't. He just kept talking about it being 3 feet. Then, this is what I hear next . . . "3 feet of fun . . . of course, they could be talking about my penis too." REALLY?! All I could do is laugh as I was trying to tell him to stop talking like that, lol.