Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random Tuesday


One more day till I get to see Eclipse, can't wait!!! A group of us are going to the 7:00 show tomorrow night . . . I'm so excited, lol. We'll be the sexy ones rolling up in the minivan.

We had an awesome MCN Festival this weekend, but unfortunately my stupidity landed me in the ER yesterday. I spent Friday from 5 till 11:30 p.m. and all day Saturday on a golf cart and didn't wear sunscreen. So, I ended up with a left leg that was so swollen and hurting so bad I could barely walk on it. Turns out I have 1st, maybe 2nd, degree burns on it. It's feeling much better today, thanks to the awesomeness of drugs! I have a steroid cream, Lortab, and Flexeril to make me feel better. Just remember . . . sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!!!!

Oh, and thanks to the drugs, I'm having issues staying awake, lol.

But I do have an awesome son who has helped me out so much. He has helped me get around and he has rubbed aloe and the steroid cream on my leg for me. He did feel the need to tell me that the sun not only fried my leg, but also fried my brain as well. Teenagers, gotta love 'em.

Speaking of my awesome son, he passed his test and got his Learner's Permit yesterday. It's a double-edged sword . . . I'm happy that he can drive me around now, but it also makes me a nervous wreck when he does.

My super awesome nephew G was going for a check up on his ears today. Hope all is well.

I seem to think everyone is awesome . . . it might be the drugs talking.

Did I mention that I'm having problems staying awake? I think I might need to take a nap. While I do that, grab the button and post your own Random Tuesday Thoughts.

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  1. Is Sheila awesome today too? huh? Huh? Is she? LOL!
    Don't blame it on the drugs - i KNOW you are crazy! hehe!
    Sorry to hear about your burn though! :(