Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random, Random, Random


I still have a gay looking tattoo on the back of my leg

I'm eating a bear claw from the new donut shop and it is YUMMY

Tonight is Tyler's 8th Grade Graduation and it makes me SAD

This week has been bright and sunny so far; no rain, yay!

Oh, did I mention that my bear claw is actually shaped like a paw with 4 fingers/toes/claws; it's just too cute for words

My crazy sister and her family are still moving in with the CRAZY Nana

I spent too much money during my girly day on Saturday

My Blackberry keeps pissing me off; it says I have unread text messages when I don't

I haven't braved my high heels yet; I'm a little scared

It is way too nice outside to be stuck in my office all day

I think my house has been invaded by ants and I can't seem to get rid of them

Ginny just told me she likes my tattoo, which makes me feel a little better about it; however, she could just be saying that

I still cannot believe that Tyler is going to be in High School; that means I'm getting old, lol

Melany's boys are having their first High School football scrimmage tomorrow; that kind of freaks me out, because while Nathan is decent sized, TaKoma is a skinny lil feller


  1. you may have not spent so much money if your gay ass tattoo hadn't cost so much. I still think it looks fine! I love the new buttons and headers and colors and pretty ness.

  2. Pull the battery out of the Blackberry and leave it out for about two minutes before putting it back in. That seems to help weird quirky problems. :)

  3. You're gay ass tattoo will quickly become a conversation piece. Just keep it dusted.

  4. I'm totally jealous of the bear claw! One of those sounds DELICIOUS about now! :) Your tattoo looks fine! And I'm sad FOR you on the Tyler graduating 8th grade! :(

  5. Bear claws are too sweet for me...*sigh* but they look darned good!

    My kid is only 2 and I cry when he reaches a milestone already. I will be on heavy doses of anti-depressants when he goes to school, let alone high school.

  6. At least it's on the back of your leg - you'll forget it's there ;) I have a tattoo on my wrist that I'm not really fond of, and I see it every frakkin' day.

  7. Yikes, moving to high school is hard, it brings a whole new slew of challenges that are not fun for either of you, but you'll enjoy watching him mature so fast! He sounds like a good kid, so that'll help! :)

    My cell phone is the Verizon Omnia, which is awesome and wonderful in a lot of ways, but it suddenly decided that all text messages I receive will be sent at random times-but never at a time that corresponds with my time zone. Irritating. Verizon, of course, doesn't know how to help me fix this.

    I had ants for a short time in my apartment. I managed to get rid of them by squirting Febreeze at them and their entry location. There weren't that many ants to start with, but I still am amazed that it worked...but after two-three days of spraying them and their entry, they stopped coming in! Febreeze should totally market this!!