Friday, May 1, 2009

Save a Life . . . Give Blood

We had a blood drive today at work and I, of course, always try to help out by donating. It doesn't always work out well for me, because there have been times I haven't been able to give because of one thing or another, low iron maybe or like today, my pulse was too high. And when I am able to give, it usually takes a couple of tries in each arm before they can actually find my good ol' vein. So, giving blood isn't always a fun experience for me. Today, turned out to be a different kind of experience all together.

Melany, Jodi, and I went to donate and like I said I wasn't able to. However, Melany and Jodi both were good to go. Melany was a little nervous because this was the first time she's actually been able to donate and Jodi was a little worried because the last time she tried to donate, which was several years ago, she almost passed out while they were taking the blood. Well, Mel came through with flying colors; Jodi, on the other hand, is a whole different story.

She actually made her donation, while snacking and drinking her gatorade, and said she was feeling fine. The guy helped her off the table and she went over to sit down for a few minutes. Mel and I were standing there talking to her and telling her how if she was okay, we needed to leave for lunch. And Jodi's still saying she feels fine. Then she says something about passing out and Mel's saying something to the effect of "oh, she's going, she's going, grab her" and I, of course, am looking off at the other side of the room and saying "huh?" because I'm thinking who's going and where are they going. Believe me, it's a good thing today was Friday, because all of my brain cells definitely were NOT firing. Well, as I turn around, Jodi is falling back on the chairs and sliding off them onto the floor. I only managed to grab her arm right as she hit the floor. Of course, the OBI people come running to take care of her. They do the smelling salts and they give her some more gatorade and finally she comes around enough to wonder what happened and why everyone is standing around staring at her.

I have to admit I am a horrible friend because at this point, I start laughing and all I can get out is how this is something Jodi can blog about and even if she doesn't, I'm certainly going to. So, of course, Mel starts laughing too. Then everyone is getting into it, about how we should've videoed it and put it on youtube . . . while Jodi is still laid out on the floor. So, Mel decides to take a picture, which made me laugh even harder. Then she took a couple more. Unfortunately, I won't be able to share those pics w/you all because Jodi would probably cry and as mean as I am, I don't want to embarrass her anymore than she already is, lol. And, after all that, she said she might try again the next time. All I can say is if it happens again, that's it for her . . . no more donating!

This was definitely one blood donation experience I will NEVER forget!!


  1. YOU HAVE TO POST the pictures!!!

  2. I passed out the last time I gave blood almost a decade ago and have been afraid to try again.
    Yay for Jodi for feeling positive about trying again!