Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


  • It's raining again - is it ever going to stop? I'm sick of the rain and my yard needs to be mowed REALLY bad.
  • Work meetings suck.
  • Work mergers suck.
  • Work just pretty much sucks.
  • I REALLY want some ice cream.
  • I REALLY want people to stop bothering me.
  • I REALLY don't like these bullets very much.
  • Did I mention that Oklahoma weather sucks?
  • We have a girly day planned for Saturday; we're going to yard sales (if it's not still raining), we're going to shop (probably more window shopping than actual buying), and we're going to eat for our Mother's Day lunch or dinner (and yes, I do realize Mother's Day is already over). I'm pretty excited about it, except for the getting up early, cause everyone knows if you're going to yard sales, you have to start early. Ugh!
  • I don't know why my friend finds it necessary to try to hide things from me; if she wants to get another job, more power to her.
  • My sister and her family are moving in with my CRAZY Nana to try to save up some money and actually buy a house. Since this is the plan they came up with, I think they are just as crazy as she is.
  • Tyler has his 8th grade graduation (or promotion, not sure what they are calling it nowadays) next week. I just CANNOT believe that he will be in High School next year!
  • This was my first Random Tuesday Thoughts post, so I hope I did an okay job of it.


  1. You did an AWESOME job! I am RIGHT THERE with you on having a child in high school next year. I know, you and I are BOTH too young to have a child in high school, so please tell me how this happened?
    And yes, Oklahoma weather DOES suck! That's why I'm going fishing in Arkansas! YES FISHING! LOL!

  2. Yard sales are so much work!

    Happy RTT and mines posted too!

    Mama Mentor

  3. Loved it! They grow up so quickly don't they? Congrat's to Tyler for his promotion...sounds like a job doesn't it? Enjoy your yard saling (not a word, I know...but I'm too lazy to type it correctly...but not too lazy to write out this long explanation) and belated mother's day dinner!

  4. Planning a mother's day that's not actually on mother's day sounds like a fantastic thing to do! Hope it's awesome and you find some good deals...

    what? It could happen.

  5. I think you did a fantastic job. you are such a good little random poster. And I am CRAZY - i know!

  6. Great Random Tuesday post. We're in reverse here, it hasn't rained in ages. Good job getting Tyler through eight years of school (or more considering kindergarten and pre k). Just wait til he's a senior. My oldest just became one. I feel so...old.