Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm An Esme . . . REALLY?!

I LOVE the Twilight series!! The movie was good (not as good as the book, but hey, they usually aren't) and I can't wait to see New Moon. I know I'm a little old to be into this, but I love everything Twilight. And I'm not the only one . . . my sister and my three bff's are into it too. Angela, Jodi, and I even went to Wal-Mart and waited for about 2 1/2 hours for the DVD release of Twilight at midnight. Melany and Brandy basically said "screw that" because they were going to be sleeping at that time of night. Unfortunately, for us, we could have gotten there at like 11:45 that night and still bought our movie. Probably even the next day, really. There just weren't as many people waiting at that Wal-Mart as we thought there would be. Yes, I know, we are CRAZY, but it's okay because we are crazy together.

So, I took this quiz to see what female character I am from the movie Twilight; it said "I'm an Esme" and here's the description it gave:

"You are thoughtful and care very deeply for your family. A loving home is of great
importance to you and you always try to make people feel welcome. Although you have a great capacity to love, you also have a great capacity to hurt, so at times you can be
sensitive. You're firm when you need to be, but people trust your judgment and
appreciate the kind way you always handle things."

For those of you familiar with the Twilight books and/or movie, you know that Esme is a quiet, reserved, and very sweet type of person. Um, yeah, I don't think anyone that knows me would agree that I am quiet or reserved. I can be sweet when I want to be, but that's definitely not the norm for me. Most of the time, I tend to just say what's on my mind and that is definitely not an Esme trait. However, my bff Melany says she thinks the description fits me pretty well, except for the part about "the kind way you handle things", lol. She's right about that last part, at least.

Apparently, it said my sister is a Bella, but I'm going to have to go with Edward, lol. Check out her blog and you'll see why.

Anyway, you can go here to see what Twilight female character you are.


  1. I am a Bella, although, I'm not an Edward kind of girl. I much more prefer Emmett or Jasper!

  2. You are so funny! I don't see the sweet kind Esme in you one bit - you are more a victoria. oh yes i did.

  3. OMG, KIM! I'm Esme too! :) Aww, we do have a special bond! (wink wink!) And i do NOT agree with Brandy - you are not even CLOSE to Victoria! Just finished book 3 - glad that BEYOTCH is gone, by the way! LOL!