Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random Thoughts


I just watched this week's episode of CSI: Miami and it totally ticked me off!!!

New Moon will be here in like 31 days! I can't wait. The girlies are all going together, but we are totally making Angela sit across the theater from us because she is such a traitor. She is totally into Jacob; now, don't get me wrong, he's definitely got a hot body (even if he is still underage, lol), but there is just NO excuse for kicking Edward to the curb.

I'm taking off work Friday to help my sis and brother-in-law move. On the one hand, I'm saying "Yay, it's about flippin time they get out of Crazy Nana's house!" On the other hand, I'm saying "Ugh" because I have to help Chris with all the big, heavy things; my sis is such a weiner.

Work just sucks more and more nowadays. Too many lazy, crybaby ass people there.

If you ever meet my friend Ashleigh and she tells you how much she LOVES New Kids on the Block, you better believe it. We went out Saturday night, and she totally had to show Me and Angela her NKOTB "Full Service" panties she was wearing. It was hilarious!! Of course, we were pretty well drunk by the time she showed us, LMAO.

Tyler has Band Regionals tomorrow in McAlester; I hope they do well.

Everyone has had so many fundraisers going on, including us, that I'm definitely fundraiser poor now, lol.

I so don't want to go to work tomorrow. Did I mention that it sucks?!

I don't know how many of you have seen the trailer for the movie "Precious" that is coming out next month, but it is based on a book called "Push" and you must read it. It's a little hard to read at first because it's written from the perspective of an illiterate 16 year old, but it is such an awesome book.

Grab the button and go have fun with some randomness of your own!


  1. OH NO!! You can't call your sister a weiner!!! Oh yeah you can...she's not your boss! LOL! :)
    Best of luck to Tyler with band regionals!
    And really? Your friends are showing you their panties now? That lady totally turned you lesbian, huh? LOL! I crack me up!!!

  2. Heard you help with Brandy's move. It's a very hard job, I know she appreciated it.