Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random Thoughts


Random Tuesday Thoughts, Yay!!!! So far, this is the best thing about my day.

I woke up this morning with a cold and on top of that my sinuses were bothering me, which made ALL of my teeth hurt. It really sucks!

I had a dentist appointment first thing this morning, which really didn't improve things. I found out my cute dentist is married . . . wtf is up with that?!

I take a friend's little boy to and from daycare everyday. Since I had to go to the dentist first thing, his dad took him to work with him and I went to pick him up after my appointment. When I was leaving, I seriously backed into a dumpster in their parking lot (if you can even call it a parking lot). REALLY?!

All of that before 9:00 this morning!!!!!! I should have just stayed in bed, because I'm pretty sure it's not going to get any better for me today.

My back is still bothering me from helping my sister move this weekend. I sure hope she appreciates it.

Oh, it's still raining here too, which really doesn't improve my mood any. I'm soooooooo sick of the rain. I just want some nice weather and lots of sunshine!

I'm pretty sure I should have called this post "Bitchy Tuesday Thoughts".

Well, grab the button and do your own Random post. Hopefully, yours will be a little more cheerful than mine.


  1. Seriously?! Dentist dude was married! that sucks a butt!
    I'm sorry you don't feel good :(
    And Brandy DOES appreciate your help moving - she said so! LOL!

  2. i think she just said she was a whimp to get us to do it ...very smart! mad i didnt think of it haha just kidding ..try those back heat things they are awesome!!

  3. What a coincidence- my dentist called me this morning with a last minute opening.

    Have a great RTT!

  4. You had a cold, sinus issues and had a dentist appointment with a married man? That's too much. Go back to bed.

  5. Sounds like you definitely should have stayed in bed. Hope you feel better soon!!

    Happy RTT! :)