Thursday, October 1, 2009

What A Day!

I know I'm a little behind, but I just had to post about the day Melany and I had Saturday. Her hubby used to box and for some reason he thinks he needs to make a comeback, so he has his first match this Saturday. However, if you ask me, I don't think a 37 year old man should willingly get in the ring and let someone punch on him. But since he is, we decided last weekend that we needed to go get our nails and toes did and go shopping.

We started our day off by doing our nails and getting pedicures and let me tell you, that was THE BEST pedicure I have ever had. AWESOME! After that, we met my sister and her family for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. First time there for me and Mel and it was pretty good.

So far, we have been having a good day, right? Well, nothing good ever lasts . . . when we left the restaurant, we realized we had a flat tire. So, my brother-in-law says "let's go get some fix a flat." Okay, sounds like a plan. While going to get the fix a flat, we decided to go by and look at the house they'll be moving into in a few weeks as well, which is pretty awesome. Any house is better than living with the Crazy Nana. When we got back to the car, Chris was trying to put the fix a flat in the tire and after a couple of tries, he realized the valve stem was broke. REALLY?! It's not enough to have a flat tire, but the flippin' valve stem has to be broke too. So, poor Chris had to put the donut tire on for us. I don't know about ya'll, but I hate those things. First of all, you look goofy driving down the road with one of them on AND you have to drive like a turtle.

After that was all done, we decided to go ahead and do our shopping. We ended up in Maurice's, where they have some of the CUTEST stuff. After Mel trying on three different shirts and SEVERAL pairs of jeans, we decided on an outfit. Then we had to decide on jewelry. The girly working the counter is talking to us as we are picking out jewelry. She said things like "do you guys have a punch card?" and "you guys will get two 20% off coupons." Everything was "you guys" and at first I didn't really think anything, but the more she said it, the lightbulb finally went on above my head, like in the cartoons. As we turned from the register to walk away, I looked at Melany and said "she totally thinks we're lesbians!" and we cracked up. We laughed all the way home about that. Of course, it didn't have anything at all to do with the fact that I was picking out her clothes and telling her what she could and couldn't wear, right?

So, our day went from good to bad and ended up being HILARIOUS!!!!!

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  1. lol omg! I've totally been thrown the "lesbians" comments before - so I play with it! One time I even grabbed my friends hand and we kept on a walking laughing the whole time, too!